"We Have a Choice. Collective Actions or Collective Suicide".  António Guterres 

On March 13, 2023 Secretary-General Antonio Guterres addressed the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in Switzerland. Pointing to IPCC’s consistent and factual reporting on the science of climate change over the years, Guterres stressed that the evidence for urgent climate actions is “irrefutable”. [UN Press] 

Mutually Assured Survival | Prioritizing Local Climate Action 

Reserve your spot - free of charge - to hear from climate experts and engage in the participatory panel discussions aimed at facilitating local activities and advocacy to most effectively address the climate crisis. FOR FULL PROGRAM & SPEAKERS, SEE "2023 FORUM".


A collaboration among local community organizers and sector leaders seeking to address the growing climate crisis in concert with the United Nations, this participatory virtual forum is hosted by the Western Chapters of the United Nations Association of the United States of America.

Together with its partners and collaborators, it designed this interactive event for front-line leaders, activists, organizers, practitioners and educators, focusing on five key strategic arenas for effective local climate action. 


As a movement of Americans, UNA members believe that their interests and values can best be advanced by standing with the planet’s only truly universal institution: The United Nations. In our daily, local advocacy efforts in support of and for the United Nations, the Western Regions are committed to raise awareness and mobilize support for the most compelling and urgent solutions on Climate Change involving national, state, and local governments, civil society, and the private sector.

During registration, you will be asked to choose a breakout room from five (5) different ones to actively engage.

PHASING OUT FOSSIL FUELS | THE TRANSITION: Green Renewable Energy in Transportation and the Built EnvironmentELECTRIFYING EVERYTHING | INFRASTRUCTURE FOR GREEN ENERGY: Electric Vehicles, Microgrids, Community Solar, and Environmental JusticeTHE CIRCULAR ECONOMY | GREEN PRODUCTS: Materials, Environmental Social Governance (ESG), Supply Chain, and Behavior ChangeFOOD & FOOD WASTE | FOOD PRODUCTION & CONSUMPTION: Regenerative Ag, Distribution, Composting, Recycling, Landfill, Environmental Justice, and Food DesertsECOSYSTEM PROTECTION | CONSERVATION & RESTORATION: 30x30, Biodiversity, Nature-Based Solutions, and Environmental Justice